Your workstation is what is used every day and it needs to suit your requirements to provide maximum ROI for your company.

Your workstations need to operate seamlessly to allow your employees to make the most of their time and focus on their task at hand with maximum efficiency. After all the workstation is simply a tool to assist your employees to perform their role.


Our Workstation Solutions are built around the Intel Framework. This allows us to deliver a flexible platform that can be configured to meet your businesses individual requirements whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and reliability. We will consult with you to design a workstation configuration that meets your price and performance requirements.

For businesses with specific requirements, we can develop high power workstations to work with resource-intensive applications (e.g. CAD, Photoshop, Engineering and Architectural applications). By the same token, high-end equipment such as expensive 3D rendering video cards is not included for clients who do not require these to keep costs in line with requirements.

Windows 8

Speedy Net Systems uses and recommends Windows 8 with all workstation systems. Windows 8 delivers a faster, more reliable, secure and user-friendly environment for your business to operate on. Coupled with the advancements in server technology, Windows 8 brings to the table a wide range of features not available on previous versions of Microsoft Windows.

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