Our highly skilled computer technicians are educated in the latest IT networking knowledge and advancements including the new wireless 802.11AC standard, Gigabit Ethernet, WAN (Wide Area Network) and the most secure IT networking security. Speedy Net Systems also have the latest software to diagnose any network frustrations you may be experiencing, from Wi-Fi interference to measuring channel congestion. We have the understanding to save you time and money, and the experience to create a reliable and secure network to share all your devices and data.

Our Network Services 

  • Router & switch installation
  • Network card installations
  • Internet & file sharing
  • Router configurations
  • Ethernet installations
  • Internet repairs
  • Smart TV connectivity
  • Individual ISP evaluation
  • Wireless router installations
  • Secure 802.11 networking
  • Tablet, mobile connectivity
  • WiFi installations
  • Wireless network encryption
  • Ethernet Wide Area Network
  • 2.4GHz & 5GHz channelling

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